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  • Exactly how much is this going to cost me?
    We offer Month to Month, 6 Month, and 12 month contract options. The cost is $125, 135, and 155 respectively per month. There is a registration sign up fee of $100, which includes a competition quality team uniform (gi)
  • But I already own a gi from my old school, can I wear it?
    For the students who have already started training BJJ and recently moved or just decided to change up things...yes bring your old gi...just PLEASE make sure its clean and doesn't smell!!! The only major rule that I have concerning uniforms is, if you decide to compete you wear a team patch on your uniform.
  • Do I need to be in shape first to train BJJ?
    No! BJJ becomes a lifestyle and along with it your body will change with it. Students should not worry about doing 100 pushups or running a 8-min mile when they start, all I ask is they just try and keep moving. Our school has many members who have started that could hardly walk from the car to the class without being winded, a few months later with BJJ and mind-blowing transformations.
  • Do you have makeup classes in case we miss a class or Holidays fall on the class day.
    No, we don't have a makeup day, but this is a lifelong sport for most of us and we are usually open (even during most Holidays). Payment holds and rate freezes are available in certain situations if extend leave is required.
  • Do you offer family discounts?
    Yes, we offer family discounts and these vary with the number of family members that will be attending. I also have a "maximum" charge amount for large families to help make training BJJ affordable.
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